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Steampunk, historical, and mafia romance

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Colby's Sapphire

Serious and introverted Colby Woodsman has enough on his mind. He doesn’t have time or emotional energy to deal with a feisty practical jokester of an environmentalist, adorable and flirty as she may be. If he offers her hospitality, he’ll be able to protect Thea Gavalos from the more aggressive neighbors in Halden, Idaho. But is he prepared to deal with whatever made her and 6 friends run scared from their East Coast home?


Thea’s sure a stay with the Woodsmans will not help her see Colby as anything but a tree-killer. But he’s nowhere near as evil as Daddy. Is Thea ready to do what she knows she must? And who on earth will help her take on the Mafia?


Based on a true story:

May 1862

It’s the height of the Civil War. 

He wants to escape from slavery, but not without his wife Hannah, their children, and nine of their friends. 

It means sailing through the dark of night through a mine-ridden harbor past five Confederate checkpoints. 

And if this doesn’t work, he’ll have to blow up the whole gunboat with everyone still on board. 

This is the story of Robert Smalls

Hannah’s Civil Pirate 

The Mapmaker's Daughter
A Steampunk Novel
Winner of the 2018 Realm Makers Award for YA Fiction

The Potato Famine is almost a decade behind young airship builder, Paddy O'Brien, but its effects still haunt him. 

Then he finds his mother dead in the garden. But he has no time to investigate her murder, because a refugee falls from a strange airship, practically into his arms.

How did a gorgeous Asian woman ended up on the south coast of Ireland? Under usual circumstances, her company would be more than welcome. But she's being pursued by pirates, and Paddy's been drafted into a militia. These are anything but usual circumstances.
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